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Digital Cinema Mastering

SDC Mastering

Soho Digital Cinema is one of the world's busiest and fastest growing D-Cinema film labs. We are dedicated to providing the best quality digital cinema mastering with unbeatable turnaround and rates.

By investing in the latest encoding technology, constantly adapting to the ever-changing demands of digital film making and working with the most knowledgeable and talented technicians in the field of d-cinema, SDC provide a world-class service without compromise.

Our clients range from independent filmmakers to some of the best-known post-production facilities, studios and film distributors in the world.

We can convert any format into a Digital Cinema Package (DCP), provide on-site quality assurance reviews and handle the logistics of distributing to theatres. We can also re-wrap and validate DCPs from other facilities and "reverse master" DCPs into different formats. Our turnaround time for a feature is normally between 24 and 48 hours.

In addition to encoding, SDC provide on-site quality control checks in our fully equipped and calibrated digital theatre. We always invite clients to attend QCs and one of our technicians will sit in to help look for any potential issues. The QC process includes our full validation procedure which involves multiple test ingests on popular digital cinema servers such as the Doremi DCP2000 and Dolby DSS200. The DCP is also tested using DVS's D-Cinema Validation tool along with extensive manual checks by our technicians.

SDC perform digital cinema mastering on the latest DVS Clipster which is capable of 4K, stereoscopic and, uniquely, stereoscopic subtitling. Clipster is well known and trusted throughout the film industry for producing the best quality JPEG2000 encodes and the most reliable digital cinema content.

We provide content to cinemas on industry standard CRU DX115 hard drives packed in airtight protective casing or digitally via our Screenfast service. Since 2008, SDC have created DCPs and DCDMs for thousands of feature films, trailers and alternative content for distributors all over the world. We are some of the best at what we do and we take a great deal of pride and care in delivering the best looking digital cinema content, reliably, on budget and on time.

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