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Cinema Distribution & Screenfast

Cloud delivery of digital cinema content

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Soho Digital Cinema, part of the Delta Group, operate the best value and most efficient D-Cinema distribution service in the UK, Screenfast.

Screenfast is part of our MEL (Movie Encryption & Logistics) suite of online tools for cinemas and distributors. It is a revolutionary  patent pending web application and software package designed to get digital cinema content to cinemas using the Internet. Launched as a beta trial in Jan 2015, Screenfast is already in use by approximately 50% of independent cinemas  in the UK.

Cinemas that do not yet use Screenfast will receive their content on industry standard CRU-DX115 hard drives or trailers on DVD disks. Our hard drive replication bays are capable of rapidly copying and testing drives at a rate of over 60 hard drives per hour. We have a large stockpile of drives packed in protective casing with all required cables and accessories.

Our service is integrated directly with The Delta Group's Motion Picture Distribution (MPD) and work is carried out at our replication centre on MPD's premises in Waltham Cross. This means we are able to offer unbeatable prices and, combined with our 24-hour online KDM service, unmatched reliability.

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